New Works Festival

A festival featuring 6 brand new plays, 2 fully produced and 4 presented as readers theaters. This festival highlights new scripts, playwrights, directors, and actors. Snag a pass to the entire festival to see every show and get a discount with our New Works Festival flex pass. 

This year, the line up will also be showcasing our winner from the Young Playwright's Festival.

Vote for your favorite play to have it produced in next year's season!

Thank you to all who submitted your original scripts to this year's festival! The lineup of shows is listed below, as well as links to get tickets today.

August 5 - 14

If you want to reserve a spot for yourself for the entire festival, consider getting a pass at the link below so you don't miss any of the local premiers of these new works!

Busters Wife

August 5-7

Written and Directed by Ed Gates

Steve and Nancy Saunders have been happily married for 25 years. A discussion with his friend, Karl, about fantasy women triggers the memory of a girl Steve met back in college but hasn’t seen since. She suddenly turns up out of nowhere and confesses she’s been harboring an obsession for him since college. Sparks fly when they spend some time together and the situation erupts when she crashes Nancy's dinner party.

A steamy, witty story of jealousy, possible infidelity, and misconceptions.

Readers Theater

Staged readings of new plays.

Monday, August 8
Soft Crack by Cole Brackney
Tickets Here

Tuesday, August 9
Maggie's Will by Ed Gates
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Wednesday, August 10
La Posada by Micki Shelton
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Thursday, August 11
Red Fish and The Coral Princess
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Anything You Hear

August 12-13

Directed by Brandon Gabaldon

What happened on 7240 W. Montecito Ave? Why are mailmen being questioned if they've seen anything suspicious? Who are the blue men and what have they done? Follow the interrogation of a close knit group of "friends" that have found themselves in a tight spot. Dark Comedy featuring a "whodunit", filled to the brim with witty dialogue.