Anyone is welcome to audition for our productions.  Below are all of our upcoming Auditions.

We look forward to seeing you on a PCA stage soon!

Young Playwrights Festival 2021

Rehearsing the week of June 14 - 18

Auditions will be held

Saturday, June 12 at 1:00 pm

Fill out an audition form below to save time, or fill out a form when you arrive.

You can prepare a monologue to perform, or just read from the scripts written by our winners.

The plays are each 10 minutes, written by local students. Young Playwrights Festival began the week of June 7, with the winners working with a professional writer on editing their scripts, learning more about their craft and getting their scripts ready for the stage.

Yes, the Stars Have Feelings by Tori Daniels

POE: (He/him) Romantic, dramatic, and in love with the stars. (Major role)

DOROTHEA:(She/her) Determined, adventurous, and soft-hearted yet aggressive. (Major role)

ANGEL:(He/him) Humorous and hesitant, but easy-going in lethal situations. (Supporting role)

JUNIPER:(She/her) Calm, meditative, and helpful to her companions. (Minor role)

SPARROW:(He/him) Manipulative, villainous, and narcissistic. (Minor role)

A Witch Love Story by Shea Sobel

EMMA: A high school girl with a nice personality that is learning magic

MOM: Emma’s mother. Sweet, kind and the magic expert.

DAD: Emma’s dad, quiet, shy and non-magically inclined (doesn’t know magic is real)

LUCY: Emma’s best friend. Fun, Sweet, she thinks magic is a myth.

ADAM: Emma’s crush, funny, nice, thoughtful and openminded.

ERICA: another one of Emma’s best friends

JAMES: Erica’s boyfriend.

CARSON: Lucy’s date for prom, probably the most funniest person in the world

The Princess Trap by Sierra Schaible

PRINCESS – Is a little irritable at times.

PRINCE: Is very forgetful and has stage fright.

EVILDOER: Actor has a cold and whispers the whole time on stage. The name is a little self-explanatory. 

HENCHMAN: Is only a follower of the EVILDOER.. Looks scared and meek the whole time on stage. Actor in play is punny to spice it up when things don’t go as planned.

Starting the week of June 14, all cast in YPF will begin rehearsals. Over that week the shows will be filmed to premiere virtually right here on our website. We hope to see you at auditions!