Capital Campaign

This is an exciting time for the Prescott Center for the Arts!

artist's rendering of Our new building

The mission of Prescott Center for the Arts, formerly Prescott Fine Arts Association (PFAA), is to "Create opportunities for the greater community to experience and engage in all facets of the arts."  50 years ago Norma Hazeltine purchased and donated the original landmark Sacred Heart Catholic Church to Prescott Fine Arts for use as a community theater and gallery.

Since 1970 PCA has presented complete seasons of high quality theatrical performances and visual arts exhibits featuring local performers and artists.  In 2012 a second venue, Stage Too, located across the alley from our current campus, opened.  This small (35-40 seat) space, in continuous use, has been well received.

Our popular, valuable summer youth program, offers opportunities for our youth to participate in theater Master Classes.  They experience the opportunity to produce and perform in all aspects of a musical production.   These are also life skills that carry forward to study, socialization, retain information, emote the content, meet deadlines, and master public speaking.

Current Challenges

Stage Too

  • Uneconomical
  • Unlit location in a dark alley
  • No dressing rooms
  • Inadequate restroom facilities


  • ​Our 125 year old original church building in need of renovation and repair
  • Outdated lighting and sound equipment
  • Inadequate heating and cooling systems
  • Deteriorating lobby and restrooms
  • Inadequate costume and prop storage space
  • Total lack of rehearsal space
  • Box office not easily accessible

Summer Youth Program

  • Insufficient space to  accommodate student participants

Times are changing, the area is growing, and PCA must keep up!

It’s time to move forward “Setting the Stage” for the Future!

Launching A Capital Campaign

Under the leadership of Executive Director Robyn Allen and the Board of Directors, PCA is launching our capital campaign, "Setting the Stage," which will raise $3.2 million for construction of a Multi-Purpose facility and renovation of our current buildings.

The new building will encompass a 99 seat Studio Theater replacing Stage Too.  It will also include the box office, a small lobby art gallery, rehearsal space, costume storage space, and multi-purpose rooms​.  Additionally, this will free up space  in the existing buildings for improved dressing rooms and multipurpose space.

campaign Case Summary

Why Prescott Center for the Arts?

The preeminent arts organization in Northern Arizona, PCA offers unmatched breadth and depth in community arts involvement. With dedicated facilities and dozens of event each year. PCA engages community artists from the novice to professional, student to adult in creating performing and visual arts from mainstream to avant-garde by the community and for the community for over 50 years.

PCA’s goal is to provide children and youth in Yavapai County with educational theater arts programming at low cost, offering both merit and need based scholarships.

Budget reductions have cut or eliminated many local school visual and performing arts programs. PCA has stepped in with theater arts and family theater productions with youth as their focus. PCA is the only organization providing these programs at this level. In addition to being fun, the theater arts develop life skills such as inclusivity, communication, self-esteem, character, teamwork, and leadership.


•    Students involved in drama performance coursework or experience outscored non-arts students on the 2005 SAT by an average of 65 points in the verbal component and 34 points in the math component. (1)
•    Drama activities improve reading comprehension, and both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
•    Drama helps to improve school attendance and reduce high school dropout rates. (2)
•    A 2005 Harris Poll revealed that 93% of the public believes that arts, including theatre, are vital to a well-rounded education. (3)
•    Drama can improve skills and academic performance in children and youth with learning disabilities.
•    According to Arizonans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018, Arizonans exceed the national average in how positively they view the value of arts and arts education, as well as the contributions the arts make to the workplace, tourism, and livability of their communities.

The Setting the Stage campaign will fund construction of the  Studio Theater and Gallery. The 6,950 sq. ft. building will house a gallery, a 99-seat theater with state-of-the-art audio and lighting technology, rehearsal space, dressing rooms, much-needed storage and administrative space, and a street accessible box office. Along with these new facilities, the renovation of the Mainstage Theater will increase our capacity, generate additional revenue and allow PCA to meet the growing demand for family theater and youth productions in Yavapai County.

​(1)    Data for these reports were gathered by the Student Descriptive Questionnaire, a self-reported component of the SAT that gathers information about students' academic preparation, and reported by the College Entrance Examination Board. A table of average scores for arts involved students can be found at : /information/ advocate/sat.html
(2)    N. Barry, J. Taylor, and Kwalls, "The Role of the Fine and Performing Arts in High School Dropout Prevention,” Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Achieve- ment and Social Development, ed. Richard Deasy (Washington, DC: Arts Education Partnership, 2002) 74-75.
(3)    Sandra S. Ruppert and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement (Washington, DC: National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and the Arts Education Partnership, 2006) 5

Prescott Center for the Arts - Good for Life, Good for Business

A thriving arts community has a positive impact on education, quality of life, and local economies.

According to Arizonans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018, Arizonans exceed the national average in how positively they view the value of arts and arts education, as well as the contributions the arts make to the workplace, tourism, and livability of their communities.

  • 82% of Arizonans believe the arts provide meaning to their lives (73% national average).
  • 80% believe the arts help students perform better academically (74 % nationally); 70% believe the arts improve healing and the healthcare experience (68% nationally), and 54% agree the arts are helpful to military personnel transitioning back to civilian life (46% nationally.)
  • Arizona residents stand out as being especially likely to agree that the arts have a social impact and improve the quality and livability of their community (79% vs. 71% nationally).
  • People in Arizona also are more likely to be personally involved in artistic activities as arts makers (63%) than American adults nationally (47%).
  • About half of adults in Arizona think federal spending per person on nonprofit arts organizations is not enough (48%), and most disapprove of government proposals to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, including 50% who strongly disapprove.
  • Arizonans also support state funding for the arts (67%) and funding from their local governments (71%). More than a third (38%) agreed they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supported the arts.
  • 65% of Arizonans see the arts as part of a well-rounded education (61% nationally).
  • In Arizona, there is consensus when it comes how the arts impact tourism, with almost nine-in-ten adults in agreement that the arts attract travelers and are good for tourism (87%).

​An improved and enlarged Prescott Center for the Arts venue is more than a reason to come downtown for an evening. According to a matrix developed by Americans for the Arts, an Art advocacy organization, the economic impact of the Prescott Center both before and after the Setting the Stage campaign.

The successful Setting the Stage campaign will conservatively generate a 27% increase in PCA’s local Full Time Equivalent employment, and a 22% increase city and county revenue.

Nationally, data shows that non local attendees spent twice as much as local attendees ($39.96 vs. $17.42) beyond the admission price, demonstrating that when a community attracts cultural tourists, it harnesses significant economic rewards. We estimate that approximately 20% of our patrons are from out of town.

Invest in Keeping Community Arts "Live" and Thriving in the Prescott Area!

There are several ways to contribute:

To pay by check, make your check payable to Prescott Center for the Arts and indicate that it is for the Capital Campaign.

Mail it to PCA at 208 N. Marina St, Prescott, AZ 86301 or drop it off at the office.

Gifts of securities or other assets:  Contact Robyn Allen, Executive Director, at 928-541-0209.

All donations of $1,000 and more will be acknowledged on a permanent donor wall in the lobby or courtyard.

Commemorative opportunities are available.

Two Phase Campaign

For maximum impact and flexibility, the campaign will be conducted in two phases.

Phase 1 is the construction of the multi-purpose building.  It will be located in the parking lot adjacent to the existing office building thereby creating a full theatrical campus.  The preliminary design and rendering is by Otwell Associates Architects.

This phase also includes lighting and sound system upgrades to the Mainstage Theater.

Phase 2 incorporates repair and renovation of existing buildings after the new facility has been completed.

The new building will consist of:

  1. A 99 Seat Studio Theater with state of the art lighting and sound
  2. Retractable seating on all four walls facilitating use of the space for cabaret, banquet hall, meeting facility, and multipurpose events
  3. Video walls (on all four sides) to enhance scenes and presentations
  4. New box office with interior and exterior access
  5. Small lobby art gallery
  6. Lower level rehearsal hall, costume storage space, and 2 Multipurpose rooms for teaching, workshops, auditions, etc.

Plans for Existing Facilities

Our 125 year old facilities require major restoration and upgrading.

  • Cracks in exterior brickwork must be repaired
  • All exterior window frames, woodwork, doors and metal railings require repair and painting

Building interiors require repair.

  • Lobby and Restrooms upgrades and interior painting
  • Green Room upgrade and expanded and upgraded dressing rooms
  • LED lighting and improved sound and the associated equipment and location for the operation.
  • Long term a Video Wall as well.

Main building art gallery upgrades include

  • A new ADA restroom
  • Gallery/Gift shop expansion after removal of the current box office to the new building
  • Refurbish of the entire Gallery
  • A new entry

Additional improvements will include:

  1. Upgraded Cooling and Heating in Mainstage, Offices, Gallery and Green Room
  2. Upgraded Courtyard Surface and Landscaping
  3. A new LED Marquee
  4. Revised Mainstage Exit Stairs and Ramp for Safety Reasons

Campaign Organization

In order to insure that the campaign is successful we have enlisted a Campaign Cabinet of well known members of the community.  We also want to provide recognition for anyone that contributes to the campaign.  All gifts will be recognized but we also have naming opportunities for those that want to utilize them.

Campaign Leadership Cabinet Members

 Honorary Chairs

Jean Phillips                                                        Mike Fann
Community Volunteer                                       President
PCA Founding Member                                    Fann Contracting, Inc.


Richard Ach
Senior Vice President (Retired)
A.G. Edwards

Breeanya Hinkel
Prescott Woman Magazine

Nick & Tammy Malouff
Malouff & Co.

Bill Otwell, AIA
Otwell Associates Architects

Rob Redford
Vice President, Product and Technology Marketing (Retired)
Cisco Systems

Christine Scott
Senior Director, Product Development
AdTalem Global Education

Steve Sischka
City of Prescott
Olsen’s Grain

Russ Shedd
Senior Project Director (Retired)

Stay Tuned for our Honor Roll List!

The Campaign leadership wishes to make a public and enduring record of those who have invested generously to build a new performance space and upgrade the existing Main Stage theater and strengthen and support the mission of the Prescott Center for the Arts. Gifts can be made in memory or in honor of a loved one or anonymously and will be recognized as such.

Dedicatory opportunities.

This campaign will be a permanent legacy for our community. Dedicatory opportunities are available beginning at $500. Beautiful signage will be located in each project area reminding Prescott Center visitors and patrons, for generations to come, of the generosity and philanthropic vision of our major donors. The current list of dedicatory opportunities and the minimum suggested gift is listed below.

In addition, a donor wall recognizing all gifts of $1,000 or more will be placed in a future public area in Prescott Center’s Lobby or Courtyard.

Please note that the commemorative gift amounts do not reflect actual construction costs, but are an indication of the memorial or tribute value. Donors will be offered a selection of commemorative dedicatory opportunities based on the amount and date of their gift commitment.

Thank you for your support of Prescott’s Only Community Theater!